These are some screenshots of messages I’ve received all within the past week or so, I get them all the time, and most of the time I don’t answer them because I don’t know how to respond, but it’s starting to upset me a little bit. I don’t know how to feel about this at all, I’m all about equality and it’s something I feel passionate about, so I’m quite upset that I’m being called hypocritical and that it’s been suggested that I could come across as racist, just because I haven’t drawn any people of colour in my work. It’s not like I start a drawing and actively decide “I’m not going to draw anyone that isn’t white” - it just so happens that I’ve only drawn white people in the past, I can’t give a reason why, I don’t make art with social justice/representing all people in mind, I’m just drawing things from inside my head and trying to express myself, I don’t mean to leave anyone out, but now I feel just terrible. But now, if I did suddenly start drawing POC it’ll be like I’m just doing it because of these messages and it’ll be contrived, I just feel stuck, I’m terrified of insulting anyone, it’s not that I don’t want to draw WOC/POC, I just simply haven’t done so yet, and I know I will do in the future when I’ve done all my planned drawings first! It’s really bothering me and these messages make me feel like such a bad person, but I don’t want them to directly influence who I draw, I’m stuck, what do you guys think? :-(    

not that long a go it was brought up that a lot, if not all, of the women in your drawings have your features/ look like you. I feel like this is an important essence of your work as a lot of your works are to do with self-deprication, insecurity etc which i know you struggle with sometimes

nobody goes around saying that Lichenstien (for example) was a racist because he only depicted white women in his artwork.

just let your work develop as you want it to!

Polyester 2014, shoot by Arvida Byström.





These are BEE FLIES!

Harmless to everything else, these precious little cutie pies sneak their eggs into beehives, where their larvae can parasitize bee larvae and eat their food reserves!

Simultaneously adorable and insidious!

First rubber boas, now these little fuckers. Nature is magical. 



Check out the article about this: Global catches, exploitation rates, and rebuilding options for sharks


I’ve got a video on this. 

“As long as women’s natural body hair is called disgusting and inappropriate while men’s isn’t, I am a feminist.
As long as I can’t watch an episode of a popular sitcom without having to sit through multiple sexist comments or “jokes”, I am a feminist.
As long as women have to face the rational fear of being sexually assaulted every time they walk home past dark while men don’t, I am a feminist.
As long as misogyny exists in any country in this world, I am a feminist.
As long as women are being raped, then stoned to death or forced to marry their rapist, I am a feminist.
As long as companies promote men to manager when there are women who are equally as or better qualified, because they find that men look more authoritative, I am a feminist.
As long as women (her choice of clothes, her friendly nature, her weakness, her choice to drink alcohol) get blamed when men rape them, I am a feminist.
As long women’s opinions on online social networks are dismissed with phrases like “tits or gtfo”, “get back to the kitchen”, “are you pms’ing?”, I am a feminist.
As long as dressing like a women is degrading for men and as long as men are insulted with phrases like “you throw like a woman”, clearly implying that being like a woman is shameful, I am a feminist.
As long as both men are women are expected to work, but taking care of children and the household are still largely considered a woman’s job, I am a feminist.
As long as boys and girls are treated differently, expected to act differently, and surrounded by different toys and colours from the day they are born, I am a feminist.
As long as topless women aren’t allowed in public unless they’re on the cover of a men’s magazine, I am a feminist.
As long as women who have sex frequently are generally told they are “sluts”, “lacking self-respect” and “lacking morals” by both men and women, while men who frequently have sex are “just being men” and it’s “natural for them”, I am a feminist.
As long as there are places where women have to pay more for health insurance than men, I am a feminist.
As long as men experience situations with equal gender representation as female-dominated, and don’t consider a group discussion equal unless there are significantly more men then women participants (as has been proven), I am a feminist.
As long as there are men who think it’s their wife or girlfriend’s duty to have sex with him whenever he wants, I am a feminist.
As long as the word feminism (“the movement aimed at equal rights for women”) has a negative connotation, I am a feminist.
As long as misogynist people exist, I am a feminist.”

LE CHRYSANTHÉME: I am a feminist. (via coyotegold)

Eye Button Artwork by Elodie Antoine